Cell Phone Paradise Services

Cell phone repair

We repair all make and model cell phones, repair on every aspect of the cell phones, touchscreen digitize replacement ,LCD replacement, crash restore, Google PASSWORD RESET, Samsung cloud lock removal , lock pattern removal, password reset, virus removal, cellular service transfer with existing number, charging ports, motherboards, data transfer, any and everything with cell phones. COMPETITIVELY PRICED

Cell phone sales

We sell new refreshed & gently used smart phones and tablets all makes ,VERY COMPETITIVELY PRICED

Cell phone unlocking /network unlocking

We unlock your phone from your existing carrier, this enables your phone to use any CDMA or GSM carrier. at times enables certain capabilities on your phones to access both services

Cell phone activation

We activate phones to work on all carriers, we assist in the activation of every phone purchase, if you bring your own phone we can activate it for you , we have a wide range of CDMA & GSM carriers we have sim cards for all wireless carrier in stock. if you just need a replacement sim-card , SD card or a simple phone we have it, if you have a activation kit and you have a problem we can handle that for you. COMPETITIVELY PRICED

Cell phone accessories

We have a wide variety of cell phone accessories ,we have OTTER BOX and other protective cases competitively priced.

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